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This project is based on the Hackaton challenge proposed by OnVif


This project is separated in two Apps. an iPhone App (Inside the folder OVCamBox) and an Apple TV App (Inside the folder OVCamBoxTVOS).

Each one has their podfile, so please do pod install on each of them.


IP Camera

  • Each App can connect to an ONVIFCamera Open Source via RTSP. (Get Services + Profile T API)

IP Account Management

  • There is an account management which allow you to save and delete camera on your account. And this works accross all devices ! So Add a camera on your iPhone and stream it on your Apple TV !

ChatRoom + Smart Home capabilities on each camera and Security feature:

  • On iPhone only, there is a chat (like Facebook Live) in order to comment what you see on the camera. It can allow someone to post messages about "who forget to light off the light ?". Do you want to shut down the light because someone forgot it ? Just send "light off" and the chat bot will close the light.

  • If something wrong (someone broke on your appartment) you can screenshot it and call the Police straight on!

Artificial Intelligence

  • Because it is a stream, there is no way to record it easily, so an AI System will try to detect on each frame if a human face pass in front of the camera !. If someone is inside ? An alarm will be automatically activated with MQTT and your smart devices (alarm).

Push Notifications

If someone break into your appartment , if the apple tv is monitoring the video feed will send you a notifications push straightaway !

Screenshots iPhone

IMG_4598 IMG_4642 IMG_4595 IMG_4641 IMG_4596

Screenshots Apple TV

Screen_Shot_2018_06_02_at_11_29_28 Simulator_Screen_Shot_Apple_TV_4_K_at_1080p_2018_06_02_at_14_18_47 Simulator_Screen_Shot_Apple_TV_4_K_at_1080p_2018_06_02_at_14_57_00 Simulator_Screen_Shot_Apple_TV_4_K_at_1080p_2018_06_02_at_14_56_18 Simulator_Screen_Shot_Apple_TV_4_K_at_1080p_2018_06_02_at_14_56_23 Simulator_Screen_Shot_Apple_TV_4_K_at_1080p_2018_06_02_at_14_56_26

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