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Code Collaboration over a hangout on Google+ tapping into Wave technology!

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How Does it work?

This is clearly the most complicated extension I have ever developed. Google Hangouts uses Google Wave Gadgets from Google Shared Spaces. This extension taps into the wave technology directly and intercepts all the messages and has a basic API that the extension developer can send messages back to into the wave.

This uses techniques that I have implemented in the Facebook Friend Exporter that I explained on my outdated blog In order for me to modify the internal JavaScript variables from Google+ Hangouts, I had to do unique messaging, that allows me to transfer data from many contexts.

DOM JavaScript Context <-> Content Script Context <-> Extension Context

Download the extension!

Note, this is just a technology preview, I bet it is 99% buggy but it works :) Install from the gallery:

Prototype Version

Prototype Chrome Extension

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