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My Hangouts for Google Plus Chrome Extension
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My Hangouts for Google+ Chrome Extension

Are you looking for an extension that will allow you to see all the active hangouts in your stream? With this extension, not only you get to see public and limited hangouts, you get to capture their moments really quickly. It will take a screenshot of the hangout (including the plugin) and allows you to save it for later or publish it to Picaso under a folder called "My Hangouts".

People may ask what are the main differences from the other extensions out there:

  • This extension does not use external servers, it uses the Google+ Search API
  • This extension does not send your hangouts to any external server.
  • This extension does not receive updates from other clients.
  • This extension does not use Google Analytics to track your every move.
  • This extension does not serve ads to you.
  • This extension is 100% Open Source.
  • This extension is fast, secure, and simple to use.
  • This extension cannot leak any information, your information stays with you.

Basically, this extension just presents another view to see hangouts, that is all!


Look in


Look in


Screenshot of the Chrome Extension

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