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Code Navigation for Bitbucket

Make sure you enable indexing in your desired repository!


This plugin enables you to jump to definitions in your source right in the browser, just click! It does this by indexing all of your repositories using ctags. Any language supported by ctags is supported.


  1. Install exuberant-ctags and make sure it's in your path. Most linux distributions come with it installed but if not, you can find the most recent version here.
  2. Download and install Code Navigation for Bitbucket.
  3. Go to Code Navigation for Bitbucket Settings page for the repository you want to see tag jumps in.
  4. Enable Indexing by clicking the check box.
  5. Click Save and Reindex to save the settings and subsequently reindex all repositories.

Repository Settings

By default, only master and develop are indexed. Individual repo admins may modify these settings as follows:

  • Go to the Code Navigation for Bitbucket Repository Settings page in your repository settings panel.
  • Change the ref regex to match your desired branches.
  • Click Save or Save and Reindex to save the settings and subsequently reindex all repositories.

For example if we wanted to add the branch my-branch, we would modify the regex to look like :


Contact Us

If you want to get help, request a feature or report a bug, please email us at contact us or open an issue. We'd love to hear from you!