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Material for the beginner Python workshop at MPI for Biochemistry, Munich, Germany
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Beginners Scientific Programming with Python

This workshop introduces the basic elements of Python programming language, as well as tools that are commonly used for data cleaning, analysis, visualization, and other applications. Participants will gain the knowledge needed to use Python in everyday tasks. This workshop is intended for scientists who are new to programming. No experience is required.

Please bring your own laptop with:

The Python standard library likely has everything you need, but we won't stop there. We'll make use of some of the more popular third-party libraries, which will also let us make use of the tool pip for grabbing libraries from the Python Package Index (PyPI).


Here is a list of topics we covered during this workshop:

  • The basics of writing and running Python scripts
  • Intro to Jupyter Notebook and Jupyter Lab
  • Variables and data structure
  • Arithmetic operations
  • Loops
  • Functions
  • Boolean, Logical operations, and flow control (conditional statements)
  • Numpy library (data inspection, transformation, and manipulation)
  • Matplotlib library (visualization)
  • Pandas library (data analysis with context)
  • Seaborn library (statistical visualization)

Date, Time, Venue

Data: Monday (02 September 2019) to Thursday (05 September 2019)
Time: 09:00 – 18:00 (Every day)
Venue: Max Planck Institute of Biochemistry, Munich, Germany

Below are some of the figures generated by the participants as the part of the Data Jam in the 4th day:





Additional Learning Resources


For any inquiries/feedback about the material and the workshop, please do not hesitate to contact me at:

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