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#Enhanced Javascript Syntax for Vim


  • Zhao Yi, Claudio Fleiner, Scott Shattuck (This file is based on their hard work)
  • gumnos (From the #vim IRC Channel in Freenode) (Who helped me figured out the crazy Vim Regexes)

###Description This file is a fork of this file and the stock one

This version of this file features the following text highlights:

  • Parenthesis, curly and regular brackets.
  • The semicolon or comma at the end of line.
  • Browser, DOM and "Ajax" keywords like objects, methods, properties and others.
  • Operation, comparison and logical symbols (=,==,===,!=,etc.).

To enable code folding add the following to your .vimrc.

au FileType javascript call JavaScriptFold()

###TODO You can help me improve it too.

  • The separate highlight of the arguments
  • I know this is a syntax file, but having an autocompletion file.
  • Add keywords for the popular third-party libraries like jQuery, YUI, Prototype, etc.

###Screenshots This is the stock Javascript syntax file Stock Vim Javascript syntax file

This is with the Enhanced Syntax file Enhanced Javascript Vim syntax

###License The same as Vim