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Readwits is a free web application that allows you to find a book you want to read next. I created this project to practice more JavaScript and trying Application Protocol Interface (API) for the first time. Tools used: HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

Live Demo

You can check the project by the clicking the link below:


Getting Started

There are two ways you can get a copy of my repository and choose which one you prefer.

Option 1: Clone the repo

  1. Open the Git Bash and type this:
git clone
  1. Press Enter key. Your local clone will be created.

Option 2: Download the Zip file

  1. Under the repository name, click Clone or download

  2. Click the Download ZIP. A download will start and be saved on your Download folder.


This project is build with vanilla JavaScript. Just clone or download as a zip file and you're good to go.

User Story (Work-in-Progress)

Here are the things a user can do in this web app:

  • User can enter a search query into an input field.

  • User can submit the query. This will call an API that will return an array of books with the corresponding data (Title, Author, Published Date, Picture, etc).

  • User can see the list of books appearing on the page.


Currently, I'm not looking for contributors as I'm using this project to practice my coding skills. There will be an opportunity for contributing this project in the future after I'm done building the first version.



Licensed under the MIT license.


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