This is a sample application for Cordova InAppBilling plugin:
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IAB Sample

WARNING: be aware, if your account is not a tester going through the payment process will make a real payment. You are responsible for not paying attention to this point!

This is a multi platform sample and test application for Cordova IAB plugin.

Make sure to read the whole wiki of plugin before using this app.

The application has been tested with local compilation process using phonegap CLI, you have to have that installed in order to be able to build and test the app locally. Alternatively you may use Phonegap Build which is currently not tested but shall work with no problem.

Local build

The code is known to be functional, compiled with Phonegap CLI:

$ phonegap run android


$ phonegap run ios


Because this plugin needs a signed APK for a serious test, the siging functionality is already activated. All you need is to do is:

  • copy/rename the platforms/android/ to platforms/android/
  • open it and fill your own information, if you dont have a key refer to this tutorial to create one.


You need OS X and Xcode installed. You also need to be signed up for a development account for iOS. You have to already have obtained a provisioning profile from that development account in your Xcode.


This code is provided to you under MIT license. A full copy is available here.