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InAppBilling Cordova Plugin

This plugin targets in app purchasing for PlayStore in-app billing API v3 and StoreKit on iOS >= 7.0 providing a unified JavaScript interface in order to make it possible having one JavaScript code which works with both stores. Unified means to take the common parts of all, even if one provides additional/better functionality. You may find a longer discussion on this unification and the reason why some of the functionality on one of the sotres is not available on [compatibility issues](Compatibility issues) page, if you are interested in details.

Almost all of the methods in this plugin take individual success and fail callbacks. This is even true for methods which may be called multiple times. As an example you may call multiple times, each time with different success and fail callbacks. The reason for this is that you may then directly react to the proper payment's event without having to keep a list of what user is doing and without complicated tracking code.

Lest say you have two products, sword and energy power up, which the user tries to buy at same time. You can have two different success callbacks one for sword and another for energy power up. When user is finished with buying any of those, the specific callback is called and may react to the proper purchase without even knowing about what is going on with other purchases.

Now that you know a bit about the overall idea of this plguin, you may find more details on other pages of this wiki. There is a sample application which uses this plugin for doing in-app purchase on supported plugins.

  • Installation
  • [Stores setup](Stores setup)
  • [Purchase verification](Purchase verification)
  • [Testing plugin](Automatic tests)
  • [API documentation](API documentation)
  • Debugging


  • Roadmap
  • [Compatibility issues](Compatibility issues)


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