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1. Introduction
Ns-allinone is a package which contains required components and some of
optional components used in running ns. The package contains an
"install" script to automatically configure, compile and install these
components. If you haven't installed ns before and want to quickly try
ns out, ns-allinone may be easier than getting all the pieces by hand.
Currently the package contains:
- Tcl Tcl release 8.5.8 (required component)
- Tk Tk release 8.5.8 (required component)
- Otcl otcl release 1.14 (required component)
- TclCL tclcl release 1.20 (required component)
- Ns ns release 2.35 (required component)
- Nam Nam release 1.14 (optional component)
- Xgraph xgraph version 12 (optional component)
- GT-ITM Georgia Tech Internetwork
Topology Modeler (optional component)
- SGB Stanford GraphBase
package (optional component)
- CWEB CWeb version 1.0 (?) (optional component)
- ZLib zlib version 1.2.3 (optional component)
2. FEATURES IN ns-allinone-2.35
Features in this version include:
- Update to Tcl/Tk 8.5 series (becoming the default Tcl/Tk version on
many platforms)
- Update for Cygwin-1.7.1 release for Windows
- New features for ns-2.35 release (see the ns-2/CHANGES.html file)
3. Installing the package
All you need to do is type "./install" under this directory. The install
script will compile and install the whole package for you. The script also
will tell you the final installation result.
4. More information
Ns-allinone is available from
The nsnam Project