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Dmake is a make utility similar to GNU make or the Workshop dmake. This utility has an irregular syntax but is available for FreeBSD, Linux, Solaris, Win32 and other platforms. It is used by the build system, although for some time now Apache OpenOffice.Org and its derivatives have been considering replacing it definitely with a GNUmake-only build system.

This version of dmake is a modified version of Dennis Vadura's GPL'ed dmake. The original sources were available on As this site has not been reachable for some time the SUN team adopted this utility and continued its development in OOo's Version Control System. With the move of OOo to the Apache Software Foundation, this software is completely abandoned and not recommended for general use.

Added features in dmake:

  • smaller/greater arithmetic like:
.IF 400<=200
  • Boolean expressions "or", "and" and nesting thereof:
.IF (("$(OS)"=="MACOSX"&&"$(COM)"=="GCC")||"$(OS)"=="LINUX"||"$(OS)"=="SOLARIS") && "$(GUIBASE)"=="unx"

Those are only two examples, read the NEWS file for more features and changes. Note: Beside fixed bugs the dmake versions are downward compatible.

Building from a git checkout

make # must be GNU make
make -j40 check # pick high value as lots of tests "sleep" for timestamps

To run a single test:

./prove tests/targets-14