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Update to meta-webos as of Fri, 05 Oct 2012 11:30:30 -0700

7a9fece webos-image submission: browserserver=0.7, webkit-webos=0.54
d8d8d01 Increment tag for DB8 to fix qemuarm build issue
104ec67 Update PR for luna-prefs
f458059 Add smartkey-hun recipe & Install hunspell headers
48fe543 fix broken library mapping from prior
7ee64d1 libtinyxml: add -fPIC to CXXFLAGS to avoid compilation errors
0b08b17 libtinyxml: correct naming of zlib license to match correct license prov

Open-webOS-DCO-1.0-Signed-off-by: Susan Montooth <>
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1 parent 36b20d7 commit 1b5d673355036ee22734310ee3ef1ce697bce457 @susan-montooth susan-montooth committed Oct 5, 2012
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-Subproject commit 0d81befe9369ea9597a20b446a43b5a377704584
+Subproject commit 7a9fece1175d6026fa4c22c34d64a3c63750170e

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