A python script that lets you view and save results of all students between any 2 Roll Numbers and save into a CSV(MS Excel) File
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Description : This script automates the tideous task of viewing semester result.

>>Displays the result of all students of a particular batch(year) between given two admission numbers

>>The results are saved to a "results.csv(MS Excel Spreadsheet)"

>>Displays results of a single admission Number also

Dated : 31 May 2014

Hit "Back" everytime you wanna see semester result of someone else... ? Probably easier than that .. Wrote a simple script in Python that Automates the process : >> Just Enter Two Admission Numbers and Results of all the students between them will be displayed as well as written to a MS EXCEL(.csv) File.

Or you can also 

>> Enter an Admission Number and the result for  that Admission Number will be displayed as well as will be written to a MS EXCEL(.csv) File.

Here is :

the script (ism_result_scrapper.py)

a Python library "mechanize" as well as a Python Setup File(for those who do not have) (mandatory)

Sample results file and screen shots ( For 2012JE0631 and for 2013JE0300 to 2013JE0400)

Pease COPY the contents of folder MECHANIZE to "C(or root)/Python27(or anyother)/Lib/site-packages/"

Github : https://github.com/mohit-chawla/ISM_Result_Scraper_V1.0.git