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Corpora used to create pickled objects, in mohitranka/TwitterSentiment
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The corpora used to create pickled objects to be used at It contains following corpora.

1. stopwords - (Downloadable via, contains stopwords of different languages.

2. movie_reviews - (Downloadable via, contains 1000 positive movie reviews and 1000 negative movie reviews. (Under "pos" and "neg" directories respectively) 

3. tweets_train - (A modified version of selected data from, containing 6215 postive tweets and 6909 negative tweets. (Under "pos" and "neg" directories, respectively.)

4. tweets_test - 211 positive tweets and 38 negative tweets about the movie "Inception" (Under "pos" and "neg" directories, respectively). Gathered using Twitter Search API and, and classified manually. 
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