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Merge pull request #8 from lusis/optional-public-networks

adding option to disable public IP allocation
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2 parents 146b4e2 + 6a2623f commit 7aee6ca8692302e6b530cfeb552ffd7dcf679ac0 @lusis lusis committed
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  1. +2 −0 README.rdoc
  2. +10 −4 lib/chef/knife/cs_server_create.rb
2 README.rdoc
@@ -51,6 +51,8 @@ system so it can run Chef Client with a Chef Server. The main assumption is a ba
intended for Chef Client systems that talk to a Chef server. By default the server is bootstrapped using the {ubuntu10.04-gems}[
ob/master/chef/lib/chef/knife/bootstrap/ubuntu10.04-gems.erb] template. This can be overridden using the <tt>-d</tt> or <tt>--template-file</tt> command options.
+By default, new servers are allocated a public IP address mapping to the CloudStack private IP address. If you do not want this behavior, pass the <tt>--no-public-ip</tt> option.
==== Port forwarding rules for virtual networks
The <tt>--port-rules</tt> option takes a comma separated list of port forwarding rules. These rules are created on the
virtual public ip address of the server. Note that this option only applies to servers using a virtual network; it is
14 lib/chef/knife/cs_server_create.rb
@@ -65,6 +65,12 @@ class CsServerCreate < Chef::Knife
:proc => lambda { |n| n.split(',').map {|sn| sn.strip}} ,
:default => []
+ option :public_ip,
+ :long => "--[no-]public-ip",
+ :description => "Allocate a public IP for this server",
+ :boolean => true,
+ :default => true
option :chef_node_name,
:short => "-N NAME",
:long => "--node-name NAME",
@@ -228,15 +234,15 @@ def validate_options
def find_or_create_public_ip(server, connection)
nic = connection.get_server_default_nic(server) || {}
- if nic['type'] == 'Virtual' then
+ #puts "#{ui.color("Not allocating public IP for server", :red)}" unless config[:public_ip]
+ if (config[:public_ip] == false) || (nic['type'] != 'Virtual') then
+ nic['ipaddress']
+ else
# create ip address, ssh forwarding rule and optional forwarding rules
ip_address = connection.associate_ip_address(server['zoneid'])
ssh_rule = connection.create_port_forwarding_rule(ip_address['id'], "22", "TCP", "22", server['id'])
create_port_forwarding_rules(ip_address['id'], server['id'], connection)
- else
- # otherwise return the nic ip address
- nic['ipaddress']

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