It's like a standard lorem-ipsum generator, but for Friends quotes instead. It's probably already been done somewhere, but I just wanted something to play around with as a Sunday afternoon project. Use it if you want, or don't.
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So this started out as a lorem-ipsum generator just for Friends, but now it's evolved into a lorem-ipsum generator for just about every TV on the ruddy planet. I think I have a problem.


  • Copy quotes as HTML.
  • Responsify the page.
  • Get some Scrubs quotes.
  • Style the buttons to look better.
  • Somehow API this shin dig through Netlify.
  • Grab the quotes from seperate JS files.
  • Buy the domain.
  • Grab a Friends font from somewhere.
  • Change background and title when different quotes are selected.
  • Click on text to copy it to the clipboard.