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A Hugo theme based around old-school text terminals from the 1970s, early 1980s.
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Terminal Hugo Theme

A dirty, kinda ugly, terminal-based theme for the Hugo static site generator. This theme is based on my Terminal Portfolio. Make your blog post look like something out of 1970! Kinda. This theme is mobile friendly by default and includes a readability-function thanks to Mblode's Marx Classless CSS. It also utilizes Meyerweb's Reset.css and Int10h's IBM Terminal Font.

Screenshot of the Terminal Theme


  1. Download and install Hugo.

  2. Create a new site:

    hugo new site mynewsite
  3. Change to the themes directory:

    cd mynewsite/themes
  4. Clone this repository:

    git clone
  5. Copy the content/, static/, and config.toml from the exampleSite directory into the mynewsite directory:

    cp -r hugo-grapes/exampleSite/* /path/to/mynewsite
  6. Run hugo server within the mynewsite directory.

  7. Open localhost:1313, or whatever address Hugo outputs in the terminal in your browser

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