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* fix typo in varname in tinymvc_load file
* fix test for existing model when loading (forum topic 329)
* if PATH_INFO and PATH_INFO_ORIG are not present, do not throw notice
* change default PDO charset from UTF-8 to utf8
* PATH_INFO first, otherwise ORIG_PATH_INFO (mohrt, dangerdan)
* add "dsn" database config property as valid dsn
* fix bug with page timer periodically negative number
* fix uri library to include all segments, including controller/action
* converted error handling to exceptions
* mvc system now wrapped in bootstrap object
* added root_controller and root_action config settings
to force the root controller/action regardless of url
* unknown actions now fall back to the default_action setting in config
* php default spl_autoload now used for all plugins
* allow multiple database connection handlers
* add active record features to database model
* replace trigger_error() with exception handler
* throw exception if database.php is not found.
* add view controller so view loading worsk as $this->view->display() like in the docs (mohrt)
* use try/catch for controller method execution so __call can be utilized (areazero, mohrt)
initial release