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Open source teleprompter software
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A simple Teleprompt web app.

How to use

Open index.html in your browser (locally or from a host), enter Edit mode, paste the text you want to prompt, click on Done and start using it.

To save the prompt for later use, while in Edit mode simply save the webpage (by hitting ctrl + s on PC or cmd + s on a mac). The saved page (along with the accompanying directory) can act as a standalone prompter.

You can find the webapp hosted here.



  • Left click on page: Toggle full screen if you're not editing and the teleprompter isn't rolling.
  • B (top-left corner): Flip page ---for reading from a mirror reflection.
  • Edit (top-right corner): Enable editing.


  • Space key: Start/stop rolling
  • Up arrow: Slow down (reverse after 0)
  • Down arrow: Speed up
  • Shift + Up: Scroll up one page
  • Shift + Down: Scroll down one page
  • Left arrow: Jump to top
  • Right arrow: Jump to bottom
  • Shift + =: Increase font size
  • Shift + -: Decrease font size
  • Shift + 0: Reset font size to default
  • Shift + B: Flip page ---for reading from a mirror reflection.
  • Shift + D: Toggle right-to-left/left-to-right direction.


Openprompt Copyright (c) Dave McfarlandDave Mcfarland is released under the MIT License.

Several open source JavaScript libraries made this project possible:

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