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Matlab solution to by moink
Simulates games of Bingo. Number of cards, number of runs, size of cards,
ratio of numbers on cards to available numbers, whether or not there is a
free space in the centre, are available as parameters to bingoprob.m
This seems inefficient. I'm thinking I should change the collection of cards
from a cell array to a three-dimensional matrix. Other than that I can't think
of any improvements.
To run, run the script bingoscript.m
Output should look like
averagefor1card =
Elapsed time is 2.788495 seconds.
averagefor500cards =
Elapsed time is 219.205069 seconds.
Of course, since it's stochastic, answer will vary slightly every time
Also, elapsed time will depend on the speed of your computer and will also
vary from run to run.
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