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MoinMoin Wiki (1.9, also: 1.5a ... 1.8), stable, for production wikis


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MoinMoin is a wiki engine - a software you can use to run your own wiki site.

MoinMoin is written in Python (Python 2.7 is required).


On the Web:

MoinMoin homepage, last seen at:

This page also points to support resources and informations about MoinMoin development status and plans.

For support, please try the documentation, the homepage, the irc channel and the mailing list before contacting the MoinMoin authors directly.


  • docs/CHANGES for a version history. READ THIS!
  • docs/REQUIREMENTS for a list of requirements.
  • docs/INSTALL.html for installation instructions.
  • docs/README.migration for data conversion instructions.

Note that the code base contains some experimental or unfinished features. Use them at your own risk. Official features are described on the set of help pages contained in the distribution wiki.