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The commands

The examples below all assume the bot is using the default command prefix of .. That is configurable by server however so mentally swap out with your own server's prefix if applicable. Or don't, and look like a fool in front of all of your server's peers.


Ask the magical 8ball a question, and get an answer.

Aliases: 8

.8ball question .8 question

<arc_> .8ball tell me, do you bleed?
<UB3R-B0T> Only on Tuesdays.


Creates administration settings for the server. (Discord only)


<villzard> .admin
<UB3R-B0T> Manage from


Returns a random animal picture from the assortment of animal commands (cat, dog, bird, etc). Because, animals.


<acoha> .animal


Searches for anime

.anime anime name

<wheat> .anime planetes
<UB3R-B0T> Planetes: | Aired: Oct 4, 2003 to Apr 17, 2004 | Score: 8.40
<moiph> excellent choice.


Get the top result from a Bing search.

Aliases: bing img

.b search query

<Mizu> .b odst
<UB3R-B0T> Halo 3: ODST - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia:
<wravey> .b google
<UB3R-B0T> Google:


Gets the most recent items from a user's backloggery profile.

.backlog username

<eeeeeee> .backlog moiph
<UB3R-B0T> moiph has most recently played Overwatch |


Returns a random bear from Because, bears.


<adamjm99> .bear


Searches BeerAdvocate for beer data.

.beer beer name

<ants> .beer Weihenstephaner
<UB3R-B0T> Weihenstephaner Hefeweissbier | Hefeweizen | 5.40% ABV |
Brewed by: Bayerische Staatsbrauerei Weihenstephan (Germany)| BA Score: 98 (world-class)


Gets info about a board game, from BoardgameGeek

.bgg game name

<unob> .bgg 7 wonders
<UB3R-B0T> 7 Wonders (2010) | Rank: 36 | Rating: 7.8 | Players: 2 - 7 | Playing time: 30 mins |


Returns a random bird from Because, birds.

Aliases: birb


<ak> .bird


Sets your birthday for retrieval or notifications. Currently based off of UTC (i.e. notifications will fire at midnight UTC of your birthday).

Aliases: bday

.birthday | .birthday set dd/mm | .birthday remove | Notifications: .birthday on | .birthday off | .birthday clear

<don> .bday set 25/12
<UB3R-B0T> Your birthday has been set to December 25 🍰
<don> .bday
<UB3R-B0T>  Your birthday is December 25! patience... 198 days...not even halfway there...
<don> .bday on
<UB3R-B0T> Your birthday notifications have been set for this channel.


Returns a random cat from Because, cats.


<xinitrc> .cat


Chooses an item from a list. Choices should be separated by commas.

.choose item1, item2, ...

<brain> .choose take over the world, don't take over the world
<UB3R-B0T> take over the world


Find out 100% true, real facts about Chuck Norris. None of them are fake.


<luckz> .chuck_norris
<UB3R-B0T> Chuck Norris doesn't need to read command tutorials.  HE


Deletes the last X messages from the chat. (Discord only) Use .clear # @username to only clear a single user's messages. Bot cannot delete messages older than 2 weeks (Discord restriction)

.clear # .clear # @username

<kwoth> .clear 5
-- the last 5 messages, include the .clear command, were deleted --
<khionu> .clear 10 @UB3R-B0T
-- the last 10 messages sent by UB3R-B0T were deleted --


Gets cocktail information from

.cocktail cocktail name

<nair> .cocktail zombie


Get a compliment. (Thanks to


<c> .compliment
<UB3R-B0T> As the bile slowly rises in my incandescent eluxulation, your mere presence 
has a calming effect on my rabies.



.cowsay text

<xyz> .cowsay I like to go to the moooovies
<UB3R-B0T>  _______________________________
<UB3R-B0T> < I like to go to the moooovies >
<UB3R-B0T>  -------------------------------
<UB3R-B0T>         \   ^__^
<UB3R-B0T>          \  (oo)\_______
<UB3R-B0T>             (__)\       )\/\
<UB3R-B0T>                 ||----w |
<UB3R-B0T>                 ||     ||


Displays some useful debug info (server/channel IDs, shard info)


<foxbot> .debug
<UB3R-B0T> Server ID: # | Channel ID: # | Your ID: # | Shard ID: #


Defines a term, via Oxford Dictionaries.

.define word

<strawberry> .define beer
<UB3R-B0T> noun: an alcoholic drink made from yeast-fermented malt flavored with hops


Returns a random dog from Because, dogs.


<hw> .dog


Returns a random duck from Because, ducks.


<birdie> .duck


Fetches a random historical event from the day, from Wikipedia

.event | .event dd/mm

<arnold> .event
<UB3R-B0T> Random event from 21 of June: 1749 – Halifax, Nova Scotia, is founded. |,_Nova_Sco\


Expands a tiny url.

.expand shorturl

<CannonFodder> .expand


A random fact. But the source is the internet. So, grain of salt etc.


<zur> .fact
<UB3R-B0T> It's impossible to sneeze with your eyes open.


Sends feedback about the bot. Ideally, come join the UB3R-B0T server! But if you have a quick comment, send it with .feedback!

.feedback your feedback here

<panda> .feedback omfg this bot is pretty bodacioulsy okay
<UB3R-B0T> feeback sent, thx


Get or add friend codes (yay Nintendo online systems)

.fc [add|remove] [switch|3ds|wiiu|wii|pcamp|pgo] [friend code] .fc @user type

<luthor> .fc add switch 12345
<UB3R-B0T> friend code added
<supes> .fc @luthor switch
<UB3R-B0T> 12345
<bruce> you sure that's a real friend code? I bet it's fake


Creates large characters made up of ordinary screen characters

.figlet word

<voltana> .figlet DOTNET
<UB3R-B0T>  ____   ___ _____ _   _ _____ _____
<UB3R-B0T> |  _ \ / _ \_   _| \ | | ____|_   _|
<UB3R-B0T> | | | | | | || | |  \| |  _|   | |
<UB3R-B0T> | |_| | |_| || | | |\  | |___  | |
<UB3R-B0T> |____/ \___/ |_| |_| \_|_____| |_|


Gets a fortune from


<chrissy> .fortune
<UB3R-B0T> The chief cause of problems is solutions. -- Eric Sevareid


Returns a random fox from Because, foxes.


<xinitrc> .fox


Get the most recent song a user has listened to (using their Last.FM account) You can also save your account name so that you can just type .fm. The fmyt variant will include a search for a youtube link for the song.

Aliases: lastfm

.fm username .fm set username .fm .fmyt

<moiph> .fm
<UB3R-B0T> >> Equilibrium - Dämmerung [Sagas] (Last Played: Equilibrium - Ruf In Den Wind [Sagas])
<moiph> .fmyt
<UB3R-B0T> Equilibrium - Dämmerung - [ 18,789 views | 
5 rating w/ 80 likes (0 dislikes) | Duration: 5m55s | Uploader: Wurzelbert666 ]


Pulls a random quote from

[!NOTE] This command is currently busted. FML shut off their API, so .fml is broken until they fix it, someday™

<arc_> .fml
<UB3R-B0T> [#13433715] Today, I gave my two weeks notice at work. My boss sighed with relief and muttered, "Thank God." FML


Get the top result from a Google search

.g search query

<gamma> .g bing


Fetches github data from the commits page of a repo. Not very useful standalone, better in a feeds scenario. Contact moiph if you're interested in pushing commit updates to a channel.

.gh github repo url

<moiph> .gh
<UB3R-B0T> Adding utilities.cs | Authored by moiph (Dec 31, 2014) |


Returns a url for the requested gif (and thus displays it, if in Discord). Results powered by

.gif keyword

<zang> .gif yes


Displays help / URLs, including to this page.

if you need help using help you are truly lost

<asmodeus> .halp
<UB3R-B0T> info: | invite: | 
           commands: |
           admin: | patreon: <>


Gets the approximate time to beat a game, from

hltb game name

<kirk> .hltb Ocarina of time
<UB3R-B0T> 25 Hours  (main story) | 35 Hours  (completionist)


Checks to see if the given site is up or not.

.isup url

<entireties> .isup
<UB3R-B0T> appears to be up!


Gets movie info from IMDB

.imdb movie name

<Mizu> .imdb Serenity
<UB3R-B0T> Serenity (2005) (8.0/10 with 99,725 votes)
<UB3R-B0T> The crew of the ship Serenity tries to evade an assassin sent to recapture one of their
           number who is telepathic.


Get an inspirational message overlayed on an image. Powered by


<paulo> .inspire


Get an insult, powered by the lovely contents found at

.insult username

<thor> .insult loki
<UB3R-B0T> You are a cruelly loathsome pick pocket and a depraved, 
           armpit-licking offense to all of good taste and decency.


Gets more jpeg for an image.

.jpeg url

<cbp> .morejpeg


Returns a random kangaroo from Because, kangaroos.


<phoenix> .kangaroo


No description available (yet)

.kill username

<auxesis> .kill finite
<UB3R-B0T> apology for poor english ... when were you when finite dies? i was being rate limited when moiph ring ... "FINITE is kill."   "no"


Returns a random koala from Because, koalas.


<syrus> .koala


Pulls user info from Letterboxd

letterboxd username

<colonel> .letterboxd colonelmortimer
<UB3R-B0T> Last watched: Mission: Impossible - Fallout (2018) on 2018-07-24 |


Returns a random lizard from Because, lizards.


<rukind> .lizard


Gets info from a profile

.mal username


Searches for manga

.manga manga name

<wheat> .manga planetes
<UB3R-B0T> Planetes: Planetes: (1999 - 2004) | Score: 8.36 | Volumes: 4 | Chapters: 27
<moiph> excellent choice.


Searches for band information.

.metal band name

<Z500> .metal Sepultura
<UB3R-B0T> Encyclopaedia Metallum - Sepultura:
<UB3R-B0T> Genre: [Death/Thrash Metal (early), Groove/Hardcore (later)] Country: [Brazil (Belo Horizonte,
MG)] Year: [1984] Label: [SPV/Steamhammer] Status: [Active]
<Shutdown> .metal spice girls
<UB3R-B0T> No results found. *snicker*


Returns a url for requested meme with the given text (and thus displays it, if in Discord). Use .meme list for a list.

.meme memename "text line 1" "text line 2" .meme list

<agentorange> .meme paddlin "wastin' time on security?" "that's a paddlin'"


Search for a magic the gathering card, powered by

.mtg card name

<evwonder> .mtg black lotus
<UB3R-B0T> Black Lotus | Mana cost: 0 | Artifact | Sacrifice Black Lotus: Add three mana of any one color to your mana pool.


Gets overwatch stats for your player. Data provided through, voice lines from http://

.ow username .ow username platform

<apollo> .ow foobar-1234 us
<UB3R-B0T> Level: 32 | Games won: 89/172 (52%) | Most played: Soldier: 76


Returns a random owl from Because, owls.


<nick> .owl


Returns a random panda from Because, pandas.


<panda> .panda


Pulls info for the give patreon user.

.patreon username

<fox> .patreon ub3rb0t
<UB3R-B0T> moiph is creating UB3R-B0T


Tells you your PC specs (approximately)


<Atreus> .pcspecs
<UB3R-B0T> CPU: idk lol better not be a 486 | RAM: idk 542 GB? | HDD: idk lol
<UB3R-B0T> OS: idk lol prob windoze | gfx: idk hopefully not onboard lol maybe some nvidia shit


Creates a poll via

.poll [--multi] "question" "description" | option 1 | option 2 | ... Only provide --multi if you want multiple options to be selected in a single vote.

<j> .poll "Is this best poll?" "Well is it?" | Yes | No


Starts a quick poll for a yes or no question, via reactions (discord). Add --options # to use a numbered list instead of yes/no

.qp yes/no question .qp yes/no question --options 4

Quick Poll example

<troos> .qp should we play tf2?
<troos> .qp which tf should we play? --options 3
<troos> lol jk there's no tf3


Get or add quotes for your channel/server. If you're on Discord, you can react to a message with the 💬 emoji to add a quote.

.quote .quote # .quote @nickname .quote add "text" - author .quote edit # "text" - author .quote remove #

<vision> .quote
<UB3R-B0T> [#33] "I LIVE IN A GIANT BUCKET" - scar
<scar> ugh not that one
<scar> .quote remove 33
<UB3R-B0T> quote removed. laaaaame.
<scar> .quote vision
<UB3R-B0T> [#42] "DATA FOREVER" - vision


Returns a random raccoon from Because, raccoons.

Aliases: trashpanda


<panda> .raccoon


Rant at the bot. He's a good listener.

.rant (...whatever is bothering you...)

<svarrenglossen> .rant fml
<UB3R-B0T> D:


Returns a random red panda from Because, red pandas.


<helly> .redpanda


Removes a timer/warclock/birthday notifications (for server owners). Doing a remove on a 'user' type currently removes all timers associated with that user. For wc/timer the ID should be the ID of the respective item. For user/bday the ID should be the user's ID.

.remove wc # .remove timer # .remove user # .remove bday #

<ti84ps> .remove wc 1337
<UB3R-B0T> warclock 1337 removed


Reports a user for misbehavior

.report username

<joe4ever> .report anitcb


Allows a user to self assign a role (or remove it). Configure available roles in the admin panel. (Discord)

.role rolename .derole rolename

<gamma> .role pwing
<UB3R-B0T> granted access to role pwing

If you have Manage Roles permissions, you can also generate a message to allow users to add/remove a role by reactions. By default the reactions are and , but can be changed in the admin settings.

.role generate @role #channel Message text here

You can replace @role with the roleId if you don't want your message to ping the role. (Or, enable role mentions after setup is done)


Rolls the dice. Defaults to a 6 sided die but you can supply the # of sides. .roll 20 .roll 6d20 .roll 20 37 100 42

<al> .roll 20
<UB3R-B0T> al rolled ... 19


Gets movie infro from Rotten Tomatoes.

.rt movie name

<Phantom> .rt matrix
<UB3R-B0T> The Matrix (1999): 87%


Gets the last time the specified user was seen.

.seen username

<shade> .seen sun
<UB3R-B0T> sun was last seen on 3/17/2016 1:15AM saying: wut


Returns a random shibe from Because, shibes.


<bwandyn> .shibe


Shortens a long url.

.shorten url

<Metal_Link> .shorten


Fetches link / info from spotify for a song. It does not play it. This is not a music bot.

I repeat this is not a music streaming bot.

.spotify song name

[!NOTE] This is not a music streaming bot. It does not stream music. It never has and never will.

<zang> .spotify working man
<UB3R-B0T> Rush - Working Man [Rush]



Returns basic stats from for the given user. Note: The username given must be set as a custom URL. If you provide a game acronym (eg tf2) you'll get specific game stats rather than general steam stats.

.steam custom_url_name .steam game name

<f0rked> .steam f0rked
<UB3R-B0T> SVARRENGLOSSEN XIII: Last Online: 16 days ago | Hours Played [last two weeks]: 0 | Steam
           ID: STEAM:0:1:3266323
<EvilMaverick> .steam tf2 atreus
<UB3R-B0T> Playtime: 70.9 hrs past 2 weeks | Total Points: 134,479 | Most Points: 3,592 (as Medic) | 
           Most Kills: 57 (as Heavy) | Achievements: 202 of 245 (82%) | Fav Class: Medic @ 494.8 hours
<arch> .steam game rocket league


Pulls the latest news headline from Steam.


<will_> .steamnews
<UB3R-B0T> [Steam News] Now Available on Steam - S.O.R.S -


Get stock information from

.stock symbol

<bucky> .stock gme
<UB3R-B0T> GameStop Corp. (NYSE: GME) | Price: 347.5100 | Open: 354.8300 | Change: 199.5300 | High: 380.0000 | Low: 249.0000 |  Volume: 90516825


Summons a beast of some sort to perform {action}.

.summon action

<Speedy> .summon flog moiph mercilessly
<UB3R-B0T> Speedy summons Oeric, the demon of the Forsaken Wasteland to
flog moiph mercilessly.


Terminates your user data (weather settings, quotes, timers, etc)


<m89> .terminate
<UB3R-B0T> you have been terminated


Set a timer, update an existing timer to repeat, gets your current list of reminders, remove a timer, or snooze/unsnooze a recurring timer.

hey buttmunch remind [me|someone else] in X [minutes|hours|days|weeks] to Y .timer list .timer remove ID .timer repeat id [daily|weekly|xh] .timer [snooze|unsnooze] id

<potato> hey buttmonkey remind me in 5 minutes to dance
<UB3R-B0T> Will do, @potato.
<egg> .timer list
<UB3R-B0T> 1 timers open. 10626: dance (5m | 4m42s remaining)
<egg> .timer remove 10626
<UB3R-B0T> Timer deleted.
<greenpepper> hey jerkward remind me at 17:35 -7 on 2017/05/04 that it's may the 4th be with you day
<UB3R-B0T> Consider it done, @greenpepper.
<cheese> .timer repeat 10735 daily
<UB3R-B0T> Timer updated to repeat daily.
<mushroom> .timer repeat 7513 5h
<UB3R-B0T> Timer updated to repeat every 5 hours.
<tomato> .timer snooze 5174
<UB3R-B0T> Timer snoozed.

Setting a timer to 'snooze' will suppress it from sending a notification, and only applies to recurring timers. Unsnoozing will resume it.


Pulls a tumblr user's last post and links to their blog.

.tumblr username

<theking> .tumblr wendys
<UB3R-B0T> WENDY'S | |


Retrieves the title of the last URL seen in the channel (or the provided URL, if one is specified)

.title .title url

<MirrorImage> .title
<UB3R-B0T> On Flying Ants
<eric-sad> I don't like ants :(


Tracks packages! Works with FedEx, DHL, Ontrac, UPS, and USPS packages too! To see packages you're currently tracking, type .track list.

.track [carrier] ### [description] .track list .track remove

<Robo_Leader> .track ups 1ZY232580398906846
<UB3R-B0T> Now tracking 1ZY232580398906846 for Robo_Leader
<UB3R-B0T> oshi- Robo_Leader, an upsdate!
<UB3R-B0T> Status: In Transit - On Time | Scheduled Delivery: 10/02/2009 | Location:  ROSEBURG OR US  
           @ 09/30/2009 12:47 P.M. for DEPARTURE SCAN
<Lummeh> .track list
<UB3R-B0T> Currently tracking: 1Z3X295R0393256158 005794585637304
<Lummeh> yo UB3R-B0T where are my packages
<UB3R-B0T> Status: In Transit | Scheduled Delivery: 10/03/2009 | Location: ADDISON IL US
           @ 10/1/2009 3:43 P.M. for ARRIVAL SCAN


Gets a user's recently watched content from

<asci> .trakt
<UB3R-B0T> >> Last watched: a thing


Translates text. From a language to another language. Supported languages: ar, bg, ca, cs, da, de, el, en, es, et, fa, fi, fr, he, hi, ht, hu, id, it, ja, ko, lt, lv, ms, mww, nl, no, pl, pt, ro, ru, sk, sl, sv, th, tr, uk, ur, vi, zh-chs, zh-cht

Aliases: tr

.translate language text [Note: language is the ISO code e.g. es, fr, de, etc

<shades> .translate es help me I have lost my shoes
<UB3R-B0T> ayuda me he perdido mis zapatos


Grabs the current Trello board for task tracking. Vote on the cards important to you!


<zurk> .trello


Retrieves the latest update for the given user.

.twitter username

<Drullexx> .twitter UB3RB0T


Gets a definition of a word/phrase from Urban Dictionary

.ud word

<svarrenglossen> .ud Patrick
<UB3R-B0T> All around perfect man and a sexy beast. Known to cause even the most loyal of girls to
           turn on their boyfriends. Talented with music, words, and kills in any sport he plays.
           Strong like bull. Always competitive, and ALWAYS wins what he competes in. Some consider to
           be on the status of not only a god, but THE God.


Deprecated; use the track command instead


Gets the bot's current uptime.


<zang> .uptime
<UB3R-B0T> 7 days, 3 hours.


Displays some general info about the user (joined date, avatar, etc). Discord only.

<bucky> .userinfo 
<UB3R-B0T> bucky#1337 {
    id: "1234567891223",
    nickname: "",
    avatar: "https://linktoavatar",


Starts a votekick

.votekick user

<eeeeeeee> .votekick moiph


Adds the bot to the voice channel you're connected to (Discord). Use .dvoice to have him disconnect.

.voice .dvoice

<ikarus> .voice
<ikarus> lol now he's greeting people when they join the voice channel
<ikaraus> ok that's enough of that for now
<ikaraus> .dvoice


Check the local weather! You can also save your location so that you don't need to provide a location every time. The other variants (fw/sw/nw etc) give weather data back in other, arguably more fun, ways... Powered by Dark Sky

Aliases: w sw fw nw

<moiph> .w 61820
<UB3R-B0T> Mostly Cloudy, 10F (-12C) (261.15K) / feels like 1F (-17C) (256.15K) |
           Humidity: 76% | 0% chance of precipitation (61820 - Champaign, IL (US) as of 12:21 am UTC)
<apples> .w set boston, ma
<UB3R-B0T> location saved.
<apples> .w
<UB3R-B0T> Partly Cloudy, 24F (-4C) (269.15K) / feels like 21F (-6C) (267.15K) |
           Humidity: 64% | 0% chance of precipitation (Boston, Massachusetts (US) as of 12:22 am UTC)


Creates a clock to track how much time has passed since a particular event.

.wc #id .wc list .wc start text .wc stop #id .wc reset #id

<cbp> .wc start time since moiph created warclock command
<UB3R-B0T> warclock added as id #1337
<cbp> .wc stop 5
<UB3R-B0T> warclock deleted.
<cbp> .wc list
<UB3R-B0T> (#1337) time since moiph created warclock command: 7 years, 4 months, 3 days,  1 hour
<cbp> .wc reset 1337
<UB3R-B0T> warclock reset.
<cbp> .wc 1337
<UB3R-B0T> (#1337) time since moiph created warclock command: 30 seconds


Returns a random whale from Because, whales.


<wine> .whale


Fetches the first result from Wikipedia.

.wiki keywords

<tyler> .wiki paper cut
<UB3R-B0T> A paper cut occurs when a piece of paper or other thin, sharp material slices a person's skin.
           Paper cuts, though named from paper, can also be caused by other thin, stiff materials.


Queries the Wolfram API for results on...anything! Instead of .wolfram you can also say "UB3R-B0T tell me [question]"

.wolfram query

<erasmus> .wolfram population of Kansas City MO
<UB3R-B0T> 451572 people  (country rank: 39th)  (2008 estimate)
<PaperCut> UB3R-B0T tell me the population of the moon
<UB3R-B0T> Extraterrestrial Life: Development of this topic is under investigation...


Displays the latest item from woot!


<SlayerGhede> .woot
<UB3R-B0T> woot-off! Acer Aspire One 10.1" Netbook going for $229.99 + $5 shipping is available! [====      ] (41%)


Searches youtube and returns the first result.

.yt query

<Slash> .yt bunnies
<UB2R-B0T> Soft, cuddly bunny:
<Slash> omg awwwww <3