A simple pong clone for two players made with Javascript and Phaser
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A simple pong clone for two players on the same keyboard with an extra addon: swapping!

  • Hit the ball 3 times in a row for get a swap.
  • Activate "swap" to swap positions with your oponent.
  • First player to score 5 points wins.

Play online!

Play Pongmoi online

Downloading and playing Pongmoi locally

  1. Download this repository or clone it.

  2. Enter into the directory and mount a simple server (ie. using Python) (*).

     cd pongmoi
     python -m SimpleHTTPServer
  3. Open an Internet browser a visit localhost:8000.

  4. Enjoy!

(*) While testing the game, I simply opened pongmoi.html with my Internet browser and it worked. However, it is recommended to not do this and mount a local server instead.


Game developed by Moisés J. Bonilla Caraballo (spanish web, Github) using Phaser, the free HTML5 game framework.

Third party work

All the audio used in Pongmoi have been downloaded from <freesound.org> and they belong to their respective owners.

See assets/LICENSE for more information.