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A GUI for Windows for Dropbox's divANS compression software
Visual Basic
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divans_gui is a Front-end for Dropbox's divANS compression program. It allows you to compress and extract files and folders.

When compressing folders, it actually compresses each file individually and stores it in the same location of the original file.

GUI is released under the GPL 2.0 license. Feel free to tweak with this GUI!

Written with Visual Studio 2017 in the Visual Basic .NET language

divANS is released using the Apache 2.0 license.


English GUI Screenshot:
GUI Screenshot

Spanish GUI Screenshot:
GUI Screenshot

How to use?

Simply, go to the release section and download the latest version. Then, execute divans_gui.exe.

To compress a file, check the Compress Radiobutton and browse for an input file or folder. The Output path will be initially set if you chose a file. You can browse for a different locations. For folders, the files are stored at the same path.

To extract a file, check the Extract Radiobutton and browse for a divANS file. The Output path will be initially set if you chose a file. If you chose a folder, the files will be extracted at the same location as the input file.


divANS repo:

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