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@elnyry elnyry released this Oct 18, 2018

Minimum Viable Product Release (MVP)


1. SettlementWindows - GET, POST

  • GET SettlementWindows by window ID
    Returns a Settlement Window by id.
  • GET SettlementWindows
    Returns Settlement Windows as per parameter(s).
    Filtering options: participantId, state, fromDateTime, toDateTime
  • POST SettlementWindows by ID
    If the settlementWindow is open, it can be closed and a new window is created. If it is already closed, return an error message. Returns the new settlement window.

2. Settlements - GET, POST

  • GET Settlements by Settlement ID
    Returns Settlement(s) as per parameters/filter criteria.
  • GET Settlements
    Returns Settlements as per parameter(s)
    Filtering options: currency, participantId, settlementWindowId, accountId, state, fromDateTime, toDateTime, fromSettlementWindowDateTime, toSettlementWindowDateTime
  • POST Settlements
    Trigger the creation of a settlement, that does the calculation of the net settlement position per participant and marks all transfers in the affected windows as PENDING_SETTLEMENT. Returned dataset is the net settlement report for the settlementWindow
  • PUT Settlements by ID
    Acknowledegement of settlement by updating with Settlement Id.


POST Settlements

Supports Settlement Transfer to reconcile positions based on successful Settlements. This happens in two phases - Prepare and Commit. Prepare happens when individual accounts are being settled, Commit happens when the entire settlement is settled and it affects all the transfers that were part of the earlier prepare process. Position changes are made during the commit phase.

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