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Welcome to the PI-12 Roadmap voting

  • Please review the Themes and roadmap items below before voting
  • There will be 3 voting boards: Voting Boards
    • One for Themes (voting all week)
    • One for Roadmap work in progress (voting opens Friday)
    • One for New Proposed Work for the Roadmap (voting opens Friday)

Roadmap Themes:

  • Product Readiness: Be Feature Complete for existing RFP responses for National Switch Procurement
  • Accelerate Engagement with the Value Proposition: Help the non-tech ecosystem connect, engage and feed back to us better with technology demonstrators not slideware
  • Accelerate Developer Onboarding: Remove Friction from joining the Tech Community ("Developer Relations")
  • Support Live Deployments: Live Deployment Customer Feedback; Remove friction & Cost for Live Deployments
  • Product Differentiation: Support work on "what makes this different" from average switching software solution available today
  • Non-Functional Support: Non-Functionals Matter - improvements in DFSP Onboarding time, Cybersecurity & Performance as a Pillar

Roadmap Topics & Business Value (In process workstreams)

S.No Work Stream Business Value Existing Workstream? Theme
1 Code Quality and Security Additional development to ensure Mojaloop is of high quality with robust security practices; alignment to PCI and other practices Yes (owner = Godfrey) Non-Functional Support
2 Fraud Management Introduce a framework technology to help with the management and prevention of fraud within the system Yes (owners = Justus/Sudhir/Greg) Product Differentiation
3 Leadership & Community Management (events, governance, communication, tools, etc.) Provide guidance, governance and support for the development of tools, hack-a-thons and communication to community members Yes (owner = Simeon) Accelerate Business/Dev Onboarding
4 LPS Adapter Enhancements and future Use Cases (ATM, POS) Provide a interface with ATMs and Point of Sale systems with a Mojaloop hub Yes (owners = Adrian/Renjith) Product Readiness
5 Native ISO 20022 Support Required ISO 20222 support to expand message catalogue for Mojaloop flow; Business need to develop a PoC demonstration of message agnostic Mojaloop implementation. White Papers that contrast Mojaloop against existing competition such as SEPA and UPI Yes (owners = Warren/Michael) Product Readiness
6 Payment Initiation Service Provider (PISP) Stream Enable 3rd party payment initation within the Mojaloop Ecosystem Yes (owners = JJ/Lewis) Product Differentiation
7 Payment Hub (DFSP Business Ops) (MIFOS) Provide an open and extensible tool for DFSPs to connect to Mojaloop switch centered around a unified onboarding experience for integration and common set of operational controls to participate effectively in switch. Yes (owners = Ed/Istvan) Support Live Deployments, Accelerate Business Onboarding
8 Performance: Implement Changes from the POC & Develop Performance Characterizations Implement POC and/or refactor current code to take in learnings from P-11; Provide documentation. Benchmarks, requirements and expected performance results for Mojaloop Core. Potential to decreased initial implementation and scaling costs. Yes (owners = Miguel/Pedro) Non-Functional Support
9 Testing toolkit Enhancements Support onboarding of FSPs to Mojaloop schemes and improve scalability and bring down onboarding costs & time. Validation , versification of DFSP, Hub implementations Yes (owners = Vijay/Sam) Accelerate Business/Dev Onboarding, Support Live Deployments
10 Versioning standards, version maintenance Provide enhancements to make it easier for Mojaloop consumers to upgrade to new versions of the platforms (zero time upgrade) Yes (owners = Lewis/Sam) Product Readiness, Support Live Deployments
11 Web Payments (Coil) Web-payments with Mobile Money API and Mojaloop Yes (owners = Adrian/Don) Product Differentiation

Roadmap Topics & Business Value (Proposed Roadmap Items)

S.No Work Stream Business Value Existing Workstream? Theme
12 Bulk Extensions Extending Bulk transfers for future business cases Product Readiness, Differentiation
13 Cross Network / Currency (CNP/FXP) Enhance Mojaloop to support cross-border and cross-network payments (payments from one country/currency/provider to another) Product Readiness, Differentiation
14 Business Operations Framework Business Operational support capabilities; Framework to support and the Use cases / APIs implementation Product Readiness, Differentiation, Accelerate Business Onboarding
15 Rules Processor Generic rules processor to handle specfic requirements and rules for implementors (to categorize transfers, to calculate interchange fees) Build a framework to have a clear syntax of how to construct a rule definition and a process for executing it. Product Readiness, Support Live Deployments
16 Secure auditing / Forensic Logging Supports compliance to regulatory & auditing requirements. This is also needed for tracking / tracing to minimize fraud and in resolving in cases where fraud does happen Product Readiness, Differentiation, NFR
17 Settlement-v2 Maturity of Settlement for multi currency Product Readiness, Differentiation
18 Split Payment Capability (SNAPP) Further development efforts and evangelize the split payments concept Product Differentiation
19 Standardize operations (Admin) API Standardize the Operations / Admin API to achieve production quality of the API and streamline onboarding processes and functions needed to manage FSPs and their onboarding Product Readiness
20 Standardize Quoting service and support “Rules Engine” Provide capabilities for Schemes to set rules at business level without need to change infrastucture coonfigurations or deployyments Product Readiness, Differentiation
21 Streamline Testing & QA A robust testing mechanism is needed to support validating Switch implementations and the Open Source codebase of the core services and the related Mojaloop releases, to ensure high quality and error free software. Support Live Deployments, NFR
22 System Reliability and Enhancements High performance/reliability start-up, recovery, and operational fault tolerance; Appropriate refactoring of reporting database Product Readiness, Non-Functional Support
23 Ticketing system Develop a Proof of Concept Product Readiness
24 Accelerate Engagement with the Value Proposition Improve the way we engage with the business actors in the ecosystem through well-through through value propositions and demos Accelerate Business Engagement
25 Implement Cascaded timeouts for a Mojaloop Scheme Increase reliability of transfers and minimize need for reconciliation even with error/edge cases or network issues. Design and implementation needed, along with documentation Support Live Deployments
26 Reliable notification mechanism Improve reliability of notifications, thus addressing error scenarios and communication / network issues that exist in real world. Notification mechanism improvements - retrying of notifications if 2xx code not received, with delays; state changes need to support, etc. Product Readiness, Differentiation
27 Intra-Switch Security Role based / token based access to run services , functionality (integrated with Forensic Logging) Product Differentiation, NFR
28 Recovery Mechanism for Switch services Design and implement recovery mechanism (to improve reliability) for Switch services Product Readiness, Support Live Deployments, NFR
29 Reporting Support reporting mechanism. Framework, Access controls, Data stores, APIs needed Product Readiness, Accelerate Business Engagement
30 Performance stream Performance of notifications; end-to-end perf testing P2P (including ALS, quotes, transactionRequests, Settlements, etc.) Non-Functional Support
31 Generic Third party access Integration of 3rd parties into Mojaloop Schemes, Functionality available, API Support Product Differentiation
32 Darapay: A mobile virtual bank payment platform To provision an interoperable and inclusive digital payment solution to accelerate access to financial services and enable the unbanked to get ahead. Product Differentiation
33 Stand-in Processing Implement stand-in capabilities as part of Payment Hub EE to synchronize incoming/outgoing tranactions to enable participation of institutions without 24/7 core banking systems to participate in Mojaloop Support Live Deployments
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