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Starting point for on-boarding and contribution documentation for mojaloop
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Mojaloop aims at creating payment platforms that are interoperable, connecting digital financial service providers and customers by providing specifications, standards and open-source software.

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Slack is the best way to keep in touch with the Mojaloop Community. Sign up for your Mojaloop Slack account here.


  • #announcements - Announcements for new Releases and QA Status
  • #design-authority- Questions + Discussion around Mojaloop Design
  • #general - General discussion about Mojaloop
  • #help-mojaloop - Ask for help with installing or running Mojaloop
  • #ml-oss-bug-triage - Discussion and triage for new bugs and issues


Refer to the Contributors guide to get started making contributions.

You may also want to read:

If you have any trouble getting started, or want to know where to start, reach out to us on the #general channel in Slack!

Mojaloop Repositories

Refer to the Mojaloop Repository Overview for a detailed breakdown of each Mojaloop Repository in development.

As a quick reference, some of the most important repositories for contributors are:

  • central-ledger - Core Service in charge of managing transfers between DFSPs
  • ml-api-adapter - Translation layer to convert to/from Mojaloop API to an internal format that is used in Central Services Stack.
  • account-lookup-service - A service for managing party accounts across a Mojaloop environment
  • helm - The Helm chart development for deploying Mojaloop on Kubernetes
  • postman - A set of Postman scripts for testing and managing a Mojaloop environment
  • documentation - The mojaloop documentation, published here

Creating New Issues

We use the mojaloop/project repository as an issue tracker for all repositories across the Mojaloop Project.

When creating a new issue, select from the issue templates provided here

Support from the wider community

Special thanks to all the organizations and individuals who have supported this Open-Source effort.

This list (in alphabetical order) is by no means exhaustive and complete. Please raise a Pull Request if you believe your Organization should be included in this list.

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