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A set of components that encode standard practices for interacting with Mojaloop API compliant systems


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Mojaloop DFSP SDK Standard Components

This package contains a set of components that encode standard practices for enabling the following features of a DFSP to Mojaloop switch interface:


npm install @mojaloop/sdk-standard-components
  1. JWS (JSON Web Signature) - For signing and signature verification
  2. Interledger Protocol - For generating and verifying Interledger message content
  3. Mojaloop Requests - An abstration that simplifies making HTTP requests to Mojaloop API compliant peers demonstrating specification compliant HTTP header handling and JSON Web Signatures
  4. Errors - Mojaloop API specification compliant error helpers

For an example usage of these components please see the Mojaloop SDK Scheme Adapter available here.

For information on the background and context of this project please see the presentation here

Auditing Dependencies

We use audit-ci along with npm audit to check dependencies for node vulnerabilities, and keep track of resolved dependencies with an audit-ci.jsonc file.

To start a new resolution process, run:

npm run audit:fix

You can then check to see if the CI will pass based on the current dependencies with:

npm run audit:check

The audit-ci.jsonc contains any audit-exceptions that cannot be fixed to ensure that CircleCI will build correctly.

Typescript Types

To aid consumers of this library, we are starting to work on adding typescript declarations for the sdk-standard-components. This is an incremental process, so please be patient as we gradually add typings to each module.

Types currently live in ./src/index.d.ts

Completed Modules

  • ThirdpartyRequests
  • WSO2Auth
  • Logger
  • request
  • Errors


  • Ilp
  • Jws
  • MojaloopRequests