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A repository of my presentation slide decks and workshops. The generated presentations are on the gh-pages branch and published to the following URL:
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A repository of my presentation slide decks and workshops.

The presentations are written in AsciiDoc, generated by the AsciiDoc toolchain and presented in HTML5 using (my fork of) dzslides.

Setting up the build environment

Follow these instructions (for *nix) to setup AsciiDoc to generate dzslide presentatations from the AsciiDoc source file:

First, install AsciiDoc. Ensure that the command asciidoc is available on your PATH.

Next, set the environment variable DECKS to where you want to checkout this repository:


Finally, fetch and setup the backend, dzslides and the decks.

mkdir -p $HOME/.asciidoc/backends
cd $HOME/.asciidoc/backends
git clone git:// dzslides
cd dzslides
git clone git://
mkdir -p $DECKS
git clone git:// ${DECKS##*/}

Presentation build instructions

Follow these build instructions to generate a dzslide presentation from the AsciiDoc source files.

First, set the DECK environment variable to the name of the folder for the presentation you want to generate:


Next, change into that directory:


Next, generate a standalone HTML file that embeds all assets (stylesheets, JavaScript sources and images).

asciidoc -a data-uri -a linkcss! slides.asciidoc

You can now view the presentation slides.html in your browser.


If you get the following warning:

asciidoc: WARNING: slides.asciidoc: line 37: missing style: [blockdef-listing]: qrcode

…​it means you need to install the AsciiDoc qrcode filter.

If you want to link to the assets, you can just run the asciidoc command without any arguments:

asciidoc slides.asciidoc

However, you also need to create a symlink to the dzslides project so that the linked assets can be located.

ln -s $HOME/.asciidoc/backends/dzslides/dzslides dzslides


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