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2013 Mojiferous Industries

Primary development by Mojiferous J. Colossus

v.9b July x 2013_: Initial beta/probably as finished as it gets release. Things work. At least hypothetically. You may encounter errors. There isn't much there right now.

See below for licensing and distribution information

###About Spongium is a browser game built entirely in Javascript and open-sourced under CC Attribution 3.0. That means you can take it, disassemble it, rebuild your own version, laugh at my terrible coding, and do with it as you will. As long as you mention somewhere that it is based on my half-assed work. You can even credit my pseudonym.

Source code available at

###Instructions Drag mouse, match icons. Spngium is your run-of-the-mill match 3 game. There is a framework for different game types, scoring, and other features normally associated with a "game", but nothing has been finished, mostly out of lack of a compelling reason to do so (there are many different directions a match-3 game can go, most of them uninteresting).

###Notes Built using canvas and object-oriented Javascript and tested primarily in WebKit-based browsers on Mac OS. Older versions of Firefox, IE, and other browsers may not display or run the game correctly. I neither have the time nor the desire to test and convert the game to function properly in an IE environment, and encourage someone to pull, edit, and push those changes to the repository. See above about nobody having time for that.