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Mojoconf ansible playbook

How to run it

To check for changes:

$ ansible-playbook -s -i inventory mojoconf.yml -C

To deploy:

$ ansible-playbook -s -i inventory mojoconf.yml

To deploy parts of the playbook:

$ ansible-playbook -s -i inventory mojoconf.yml -t nginx
$ ansible-playbook -s -i inventory mojoconf.yml -t webapp

Set private variables

$ $EDITOR .vault_pass # add the vault password
$ ansible-vault edit group_vars/mojoconf

Deploy new version of MCT

  1. Make changes
  2. Push changes to github
  3. Log into the server
  4. Run deploy development to update development to master branch
  5. Check
  6. Run deploy production to update production to master branch
  7. Check

See also deploy source or run deploy for more options.

It's also possible to run deploy status to see which commit is active.

Note: Any changes done directly on the mct server will be wiped.

Clear cache from cloudflare

Make SSL key/cert

openssl genrsa -out mojoconf.key 4096

openssl req -new -sha256 -x509 -extensions v3_ca -days 365 \
  -key mojoconf.key -out mojoconf.crt \
  -subj /C=NO/ST=Oslo/L=Oslo/O=Mojoconf/


Marcus Ramberg

Jan Henning Thorsen