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SGDemoApp 1.0.0


This is a sample application that shows off many of the different components
within the SGClient, SGMapKit and SGAREnvironment repositories. The 
SGLocationService is used to load records from multiple global 
layers. The records are then displayed in three different avenues: UITableView,
 SGLayerMapView and SGARNavigationViewController.

Both the UITableView and SGARNavigationViewController will only display those
records that are within 1km radius of the devices current location. The AR
enviornment is set to one of the standard styles. The map will load and display 
records based on the displayed region of the view.

In order to run the demo, you must already possess an OAuth access and secret key
from The demo application defines a default OAuth token which
will not work. You must update the file at Resources/Token.plist with your personal
OAuth token or else the application will complain about the OAuth token and exit.

To access layers from SimpleGeo you must first accept the ToS that comes with the layer.
After creating an account, layers can be accessed from the SimpleGeo marketplace. Once
you have the name of the layer you want to use, you can add the layer as a new data source
to the SGLayerViewController.

To update the repositories that this demo application depends on, run ./update_sg_sdk
within the project directory. The SimpleGeo static libraries that come packaged with
the repository should not require an update but in the case that they are out of date,
the update_sg_sdk script should be executed.

Note: This demo application only loads records from layers*
If you want to view your personal layers, you need to modify the code.


iPhone SDK 4.0

- CoreLocation
- Foundation
- MapKit
- OpenGLES
- CoreGraphics
- AudioVideo
- UIKit


iPhone OS 4.0

Version 1.0.0
- Merged in the feature/dynamic-layer-creation branch that enables a user
to add layers to the map

Version 0.9.6
- Update to version iOS 4.1
- Modified the SGMainViewController class so it is compatible with the iOS 4.0
version of the SGAREnvironment

Version 0.9.5
- Exit the application if the default values in Resources/Token.plist haven't
- Added an update_sg_sdk shell script that will clone the SGClient, SGMapKit
and SGAREnvironment repositories

Version 0.9.4
- The public AREnvironment has been swapped out with the old static library. The
code has also been adapted to use the new SGClient and SGMapKit.

Version 0.9.3
- Added license

Version 0.9.2
- Updated project structure to use the new static libraries

Version 0.9.1
- Updated to v0.3.0 of the SDK
- Added a reverse geocoder section in the census 
table view

Version 0.9.0
- Updated the icon and itunes artwork.
- Added a simple census table view.
- Added SGLayer specific subclasses.

Version 0.8.10
- Added categories to the repository.

Version 0.8.9
- Removed CoreData.

Version 0.8.8
- First version.

Copyright (C) 2009 SimpleGeo Inc. All rights reserved.