An HTTP proxy that signs OAuth 1.0a requests
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I am an OAuth 1.0a proxy server. You can pass unsigned requests to me and I will sign them using OAuth before sending them to their eventual destination.

Tokens and consumer keys are configurable only at start-time, so individual proxies are limited to a single pair at a time. 2-legged OAuth (often used in lieu of API keys) is supported by omitting --token and --token-secret options.


This looks awfully similar to mojodna/oauth-proxy, so...why?

I got frustrated with the apparent inability to effectively package Twisted plugins and figured that I would take advantage of Internet Progress to build an ever-so-slightly more flexible version.


Install via npm:

$ npm install -g oauth-proxy


Run the proxy with the provided oauth-proxy command:

$ oauth-proxy \
    --consumer-key <consumer key> \
    --consumer-secret <consumer secret> \
    [--token <token>] \
    [--token-secret <token secret>] \
    [-p <proxy port>] \

If you'd like to run the proxy as a daemon, run it in a screen or something ($PORT is an alternative way to set the proxy port, so it's Heroku-compatible if that's your bag).


This proxy can be used with command-line tools and web browsers alike.

To use it with curl:

$ curl -x localhost:8001

To use it with ab (ApacheBench):

$ ab -X localhost:8001

To use it with Firefox, open the Network settings panel, under Advanced, and set a "Manual Proxy Configuration" after clicking the "Settings..." button. Ensure that "No Proxy for" does not include the host that you are attempting to explore.

Environment Variables

  • PORT - proxy port. Defaults to 8001.
  • OAUTH_CONSUMER_KEY - (optional) OAuth Consumer Key. Equivalent to passing --consumer-key.
  • OAUTH_CONSUMER_SECRET - (optional) OAuth Consumer Secret. Equivalent to passing --consumer-secret.
  • OAUTH_TOKEN - (optional) OAuth Access Token. Equivalent to passing --token.
  • OAUTH_TOKEN_SECRET - (optional) OAuth Token Secret. Equivalent to passing --token-secret.

More Information

More information on using an ancestor of this proxy, including instructions for obtaining access tokens, is available in Exploring OAuth-Protected APIs.


Copyright (c) 2013 Seth Fitzsimmons

Published under the MIT license.