(proof-of-concept) A reverse HTTP proxy that verifies signed OAuth requests
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OAuth Reverse Proxy

I am a reverse HTTP proxy, suitable for running in front of web services that you wish to protect using OAuth.

This will not run out of the box, as a suitable implementation of OAuthDataStore must exist and be wired into the OAuthServer passed to OAuthReverseProxyResource.


Provided that "." is in your PYTHONPATH, you should be able to run the proxy with twistd:

twistd -n oauth_reverse_proxy --remote-host <remote host> [--remote-port <remote port>] [--path-prefix <path prefix>] [-p <proxy port>] [--ssl] [--ssl-private-key <private key>] [--ssl-certificate <certificate>]

Running as a daemon

You may run the proxy with twistd directly (omitting the -n argument) or you may generate a pre-configured tap, which can then be packaged and distributed. To generate a tap:

mktap oauth_reverse_proxy --remote-host <remote host> [--remote-port <remote port>] [--path-prefix <path prefix>] [-p <proxy port>] [--ssl] [--ssl-private-key <private key>] [--ssl-certificate <certificate>]

To run the tap (using the settings that were provided when creating it):

twistd -f oauth_reverse_proxy.tap