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Command-line interface for Y!'s Placemaker API
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Placemaker CLI

This is a command-line interface to Yahoo!'s Placemaker API. Placemaker is a geoparsing web service, which means that it extracts locations from bodies of text.


To use it, point it at a URL that you'd like locations extracted from:

$ ./placemaker --appid=<appid> <url>

Or feed it something content directly:

$ cat document.txt | ./placemaker --appid=<appid> --documentType=text/plain -

Optional arguments are (default):

--documentType=mime/type        (text/html)
--inputLanguage=lang-code       (en-US)
--autodisambiguate=true|false   (false)
--outputType={xml|rss}          (xml)
--focusWoeid=number             (none)
--documentTitle=string          (none)

To register for an app id, visit

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