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An alternate command line interface to tilelive
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A command line alternative to tilelive that supports streaming copies and static image rendering.


npm install tl
npm install mbtiles tilelive-file
# install any other tilelive modules you'd like to read/write from


Copy tiles from a filesystem to an MBTiles archive (assumes that tilelive-file and mbtiles are installed):

tl copy file://./tiles mbtiles://./tiles.mbtiles

Render a TM2 style for a small area into an MBTiles archive:

npm install mbtiles tilelive-tmstyle tilelive-mapbox tilejson \
tl copy
  -z 6 -Z 6 -b "-124.4096 32.5343 -114.1308 42.0095" \
  tmstyle://./project.tm2/ mbtiles://./tiles.mbtiles

Copy tiles from an MBTiles archive to S3.

tl copy mbtiles://./tiles.mbtiles "s3://bucket-name/{z}/{x}/{y}.png?acl=public-read"


Some tilelive providers use other providers but don't depend on them directly (relying on tilelive.load()), so you may need to install (and --require|-r) some modules that you're not using directly.

For example, tilelive-tmstyle often loads data using tilelive-mapbox, which actually uses tilejson under the hood to do the fetching. Rendering is then done using tilelive-vector (which is declared as a peer dependency of tilelive-tmstyle, so versions may not always match up to whatever's most up-to-date).

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