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Projects and Companies using Mojolicious

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Projects and companies using Mojolicious


  • Ado - a rapid active commotion (framework for web projects on Mojolicious)
  • Alambic - an open-source platform for software engineering data management.
  • AlertaSubastas - Aggregator of public spanish auctions
  • ASKA BBS(Mojolicious version) - BBS application which can be run by CGI and embdded web server.
  • Bootylite - A simple file based blog
  • Bot Status - RabbitMQ Status Dashboard
  • Build Check Statistics - Build check statistics for OBS
  • Cavil - Legal review system for Linux distributions
  • Contenticious - a very simple but user-friendly file based "CMS"
  • Convos - Convos is the simplest way to use IRC
  • D2P2 - A bioinformatics database resource providing disordered protein predictions. (source)
  • dbToria - A Generic Enduser Database Frontend (source)
  • DBdumper - Network distributed system for backup, archiving and restoring SQL databases
  • Delta Reporting - A central logging and reporting service for CFEngine.
  • - Food Ordering and Delivery for Groups of Employees application
  • Extopus - The Monitoring Aggregator source
  • Galileo - A simple modern CMS using websockets
  • GCIS - Global Change Information System - an open-source, web-based resource for traceable, sound global change data, information, and products (source).
  • Gitweb Lite - Git repository viewer gitweb.cgi clone using Mojolicious
  • GitPrep - Github clone. you can install portable github system into unix/linux(Repository).
  • Google at Home - a "complete", easy and affordable solution for your home control (Repository).
  • Hearthstone-news - Hearthstone news aggregator and more
  • InfoServant - RSS/Atom Reader (Repository)
  • JAGC - Just Another Golf Coding
  • - Online JavaScript benchmark tool
  • - German website about fairy tales by the Brothers Grimm, build with Mojolicious and Lucy
  • Konzertgeek - (German) location search for concerts, with Atom feeds.(Repository)
  • Lstu - URL shortener (Repository)
  • Lutim - Free, fast and simple image service (Repository)
  • Maacom - Web mail account manager, for integration with Exim, Postfix, Dovecot and other
  • MiniCA - X.509 certificate manager with certificate authority and full life cycle of certificates, ready for use
  • Mojocasts - Screencasts about Mojolicious, served with Mojolicious
  • MojoExample - Mojolicious example with DBIx::Class schema load, deploy, fixtures and tests
  • - Mojolicious Framework Website
  • mojolicious stream upload - Large files all platforms "breakpoint resume" upload project
  • MYDLjE - Lightweight Content Management Framework
  • openQA - Testing framework
  • Perlybook - CPAN module documentation as ebooks
  • Perl Tweet Time Line News(Japanese) - The web site to see Perl news posted to twitter
  • - Track changes to your favorite Perl modules
  • Process Of Things - Decentralized Application Platform written using Mojolicious
  • Qiqitori - Crowdsourced transcription for language learners
  • - Slovenian distance calculator
  • remOcular - Your Eyes in the cloud (Repository)
  • - Bilingual Sudoku website (de/en), including online play and hiscores (ported from + HTML::Template + SSI to Mojolicious)
  • TaskDeal - Setup or deploy multiple environments from web browser
  • Tubdio - Online music player based on YouTube videos
  • TVS - An auto-syndicated news portal created by Thoughtpivot, and the code behind
  • Tweetylicious - a Twitter-like microblogging app in just one file
  • VPNsw - OpenVPN start-stop and detail network information tool
  • VAM - OpenVPN account manager and helper
  • World of Tanks Replays - A World of Tanks replay hosting site powered entirely by Mojolicious
  • WebDBViewer - Database viewer to see database information on web browser, MySQL and SQLite(Repository)
  • Working Dreamers - Social Empowerment Platform
  • XGR - eXploring Genomic Relations for enhanced interpretation
  • XTaTIK - Rapid-Deployment, Multi-Website eCommerce System


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