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Configures Voxeo's Prism voice application server


The cookbook by default comes with a 4 port license file which expires at the end of the year (Once that expires I'll update the cookbook with another one ). If you need a larger licese for evaluation purposes please contact Voxeo Labs and we would be more then happy to get you an evaluation license.


Setting ASR Engines

default[:prism][:asr_engines]    =   [
                                          :lang  =>  "en-us",
                                          :engine  =>  "vxsrepr",
                                          "ignore_cseq_errors": true,
                                          "engine": "vxsremrcp",
                                          "lang": "en-us",
                                          "servers": [
                                          "ignore_cseq_errors": true,
                                          "engine": "vxsremrcp",
                                          "lang": "en-au",
                                          "servers": [
Setting TTS Engines
default[:prism][:tts_engines]     = [
                                      "name"  =>  "allison",
                                      "lang"  =>  "en-us",
                                      "servers" => [
                                      "name"  => "dave",
                                      "lang"  => "en-us",
                                      "servers" => [
                                      "name"  => "susan",
                                      "lang"  => "en-us",
                                      "servers" => [
Sip Registration

Prism supports sip regisration, and this is of course configurable via Chef. The follow attributes are related to setting a SIP gateway and/or SIP registration

RMI Config

Prism supports configuration via Mbean, the default usernam and password for the rmi interface is admin/admin.


Helpers aliases

Prism Helpers

./ptime   # Prism running time
./vtime   # VCS Runtime
./p       # Prism Alias eg: `p status`

Config Helpers

./pes     # Edit Sipmethod.xml
./pev     # Edit vxlaunch.xml
./pec     # Edit config.xml
./pet     # Edit tropo.xml

Log Helpers

./tvcs    # Tail Latest VCS log
./tsm     # Tail SipMethod
./tw      # Tail wrapper.log

Change Log:


* Added change log
* SNMP port and service status is now configurable


* Changed sipmethod console username and password atttribute name


* New version numbers
* Added sip registration to sipmethod.xml

[1.4.0] * No longer need to explicity enable "registration", instead we assume its enabled if you provided a gateway host attribute. This is defaulted to false * Max log size is now nil, and not included in unless set


  • Bosh URL is now configurable
  • Force Call Recording is now configurable via chef


  • Refactor of attribute names ( start )


  • Refactor of logging config to support muitple log4j syslog appenders


  • Refactor cookbook recipes into single default.rb file


  • Added RMI config to chef


  • Added index.jsp to chef
  • Added delete_console to chef


  • Updated log4j conversion patterns


  • Use external server to determine IP if no other option works
  • NAT mode is not configurable via node[:prism][:natmode] attribute


  • Patches to init.d script


  • Changed default bosh url to be http-bind


  • Added additional logging for installer resource
  • Fix SIPoint and Tropo installer method in Prism library
  • Changed default username for RMI and MC to voxeolabs/voxeolabs
  • Change edit alias ( pec, pec, ect ) to use VI reather then VIM
  • Change OSGI Attribute name [2.7.0]
  • Updated default prism build to prism-11_5_3_C201207041614_0-x64.bin
  • Fixed installer options, guess it needs double quotes
  • Updated conversion patterns on log4j
  • Fix include_tropo_logger setting, not correctly searchs role to see if Tropo is included
  • Now only a single syslog attribute. This controls VXLuanch, log4j, and VCS syslog appenders
  • VXLaunch now takes an array of "extra_services", eg rtmpd and panda


  • Switched from nokogiri to rexml/document for XML parsing
  • Guards around node search in attributes file. We use this to determin if Tropo is present.


  • Only use a licnese.lic file if defined [internal use only]
  • by default don't delete the prism demo application
  • Dry'ed up a few blocks related to voxeo-as,voxeo-ms, and voxeo-smanager.
  • Fix foodcritic FC24
  • Fix FC01 error


  • Renamed alias file to
  • Added default 4 port license file (Prism <= 12.x) [AUTOMATION-99]
  • Removed Artifacts cookbook dependency


  • Remove net/http method in library, need to look into why thats failing but just went w/ curl for a short term fix


  • Removed extraneous erb line from


  • Remove Tropo helper functions from ( moving these into tropo recipe )


  • Add applicationID to log4j conversion patterns