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Currently bert can only decode one-level dicts, this enables nested dict decoding.

Apologies for including 2 commits in this pull request, but I'm using a combination of laziness and judgment and assuming that the dict encoding fix is a given.

woahdae and others added some commits Jul 29, 2010
@woahdae woahdae fixed dictionary encoding in a version-agnostic way
Most forks of this project change is_record(Term, dict, 8)
to is_record(Term, dict, 9) to reflect the fact that apparently
dict records are of size 9 in versions at least greater than
R13B03 (seems to be the earliest complaint about the issue). I
haven't verified that size 8 works prior to R13B03, but I'm guessing
it did at one point.

Assuming dicts will always be represented as tuples where the first
element is the dict atom, this change would be version agnostic.

Note that the tests are a bit coupled to the bert implementation,
but with that you gain some documentation as to what it's actually
Ryan Burrows Make dictionary encoding/decoding work on nested e6f0ab9
@woahdae woahdae Rebarized bert
Moved from rake to rebar. Note that the tests have been changed to
be OTP compliant, specifically following the m_tests.erl convention
so they will be automatically picked up by eunit (see eunit overview,
"Running EUnit")
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