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by Tom Preston-Werner <>
egitd is an Erlang git-daemon implementation that provides a more flexible,
scalable, and loggable way to serve public git repositories.
Development Status: Experimental
This software was in production use at for a short time until it
became obvious that the communications model was flawed. To be specific,
if the upload-pack takes a long time to respond (for big repos), either the
timeouts have to be increased to unreasonable values (slowing the entire
transfer down), or some connections will timeout and fail.
$ git clone
$ cd egitd
$ rake
$ bin/egitd -c <path to conf file> -l <path to log file>
The config file specifies the mapping between specified repo name and file location. (.+)/(.+) "/data/git/repositories/" ++ Match1 ++ "/" ++ Match2.