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-export([init_log/1, write/2]).
init_log(Log) ->
ets:insert(db, {log, Log}).
write(Type, Messages) ->
write_log(ets:lookup(db, log), Type, Messages).
write_log([{log, Log}], Type, Messages) ->
{ok, F} = file:open(Log, [append]),
Message = string:join(Messages, "\t"),
Line = io_lib:fwrite("~s\t~s\t~s\n", [timestamp(), Type, Message]),
file:write(F, Line),
write_log([], _Type, _Messages) ->
timestamp() ->
{{Year, Month, Day}, {Hour, Min, Sec}} = erlang:localtime(),
io_lib:fwrite("~4B-~2.10.0B-~2.10.0B ~2.10.0B:~2.10.0B:~2.10.0B", [Year, Month, Day, Hour, Min, Sec]).
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