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separate build targets for man and html documentation

This introduces new build targets "man" and "html" which allow building
the documentation in the respective formats separately. This helps
people with a partial documentation build chain: html pages can be built
without xmlto.

This is documented in INSTALL now, together with corrections: Before,
instructions in INSTALL would build man+html but install man only. Now
the instructions build and install both, and new and pre-existing
targets are explained.

Note that build targets "doc" and "man" correspond to install targets
"install-doc install-html" and "install-doc" respectively. This
inconsistency is not changed, in order to keep everyone's build scripts
from breaking.

Signed-off-by: Michael J Gruber <>
Signed-off-by: Junio C Hamano <>
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1 parent 6fe570d commit 414851a42ecd6f104de517f628cfc09465ea7fa5 Michael J Gruber committed with gitster Sep 10, 2008
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@@ -6,7 +6,7 @@ will install the git programs in your own ~/bin/ directory. If you want
to do a global install, you can do
$ make prefix=/usr all doc info ;# as yourself
- # make prefix=/usr install install-doc install-info ;# as root
+ # make prefix=/usr install install-doc install-html install-info ;# as root
(or prefix=/usr/local, of course). Just like any program suite
that uses $prefix, the built results have some paths encoded,
@@ -19,7 +19,7 @@ set up install paths (via config.mak.autogen), so you can write instead
$ make configure ;# as yourself
$ ./configure --prefix=/usr ;# as yourself
$ make all doc ;# as yourself
- # make install install-doc ;# as root
+ # make install install-doc install-html;# as root
Issues of note:
@@ -89,13 +89,22 @@ Issues of note:
inclined to install the tools, the default build target
("make all") does _not_ build them.
+ "make doc" builds documentation in man and html formats; there are
+ also "make man", "make html" and "make info". Note that "make html"
+ requires asciidoc, but not xmlto. "make man" (and thus make doc)
+ requires both.
+ "make install-doc" installs documentation in man format only; there
+ are also "make install-man", "make install-html" and "make
+ install-info".
Building and installing the info file additionally requires
makeinfo and docbook2X. Version 0.8.3 is known to work.
The documentation is written for AsciiDoc 7, but "make
ASCIIDOC8=YesPlease doc" will let you format with AsciiDoc 8.
- Alternatively, pre-formatted documentation are available in
+ Alternatively, pre-formatted documentation is available in
"html" and "man" branches of the git repository itself. For
example, you could:
6 Makefile
@@ -1267,6 +1267,12 @@ $(XDIFF_LIB): $(XDIFF_OBJS)
$(MAKE) -C Documentation all
+ $(MAKE) -C Documentation man
+ $(MAKE) -C Documentation html
$(MAKE) -C Documentation info

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