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describe: Make --tags and --all match lightweight tags more often

If the caller supplies --tags they want the lightweight, unannotated
tags to be searched for a match.  If a lightweight tag is closer
in the history, it should be matched, even if an annotated tag is
reachable further back in the commit chain.

The same applies with --all when matching any other type of ref.

Signed-off-by: Shawn O. Pearce <>
Acked-By: Uwe Kleine-König <>
Signed-off-by: Junio C Hamano <>
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1 parent 5c283eb commit 7e425c4fbbe9affffa822f154d8bb2d0da6699ef @spearce spearce committed with gitster Oct 13, 2008
Showing with 13 additions and 10 deletions.
  1. +7 −2 Documentation/git-describe.txt
  2. +2 −4 builtin-describe.c
  3. +4 −4 t/
@@ -18,6 +18,9 @@ shown. Otherwise, it suffixes the tag name with the number of
additional commits on top of the tagged object and the
abbreviated object name of the most recent commit.
+By default (without --all or --tags) `git describe` only shows
+annotated tags. For more information about creating annotated tags
+see the -a and -s options to linkgit:git-tag[1].
@@ -26,11 +29,13 @@ OPTIONS
Instead of using only the annotated tags, use any ref
- found in `.git/refs/`.
+ found in `.git/refs/`. This option enables matching
+ any known branch, remote branch, or lightweight tag.
Instead of using only the annotated tags, use any tag
- found in `.git/refs/tags`.
+ found in `.git/refs/tags`. This option enables matching
+ a lightweight (non-annotated) tag.
Instead of finding the tag that predates the commit, find
@@ -15,8 +15,8 @@ static const char * const describe_usage[] = {
static int debug; /* Display lots of verbose info */
-static int all; /* Default to annotated tags only */
-static int tags; /* But allow any tags if --tags is specified */
+static int all; /* Any valid ref can be used */
+static int tags; /* Allow lightweight tags */
static int longformat;
static int abbrev = DEFAULT_ABBREV;
static int max_candidates = 10;
@@ -112,8 +112,6 @@ static int compare_pt(const void *a_, const void *b_)
struct possible_tag *a = (struct possible_tag *)a_;
struct possible_tag *b = (struct possible_tag *)b_;
- if (a->name->prio != b->name->prio)
- return b->name->prio - a->name->prio;
if (a->depth != b->depth)
return a->depth - b->depth;
if (a->found_order != b->found_order)
@@ -91,10 +91,10 @@ check_describe D-* HEAD^^
check_describe A-* HEAD^^2
check_describe B HEAD^^2^
-check_describe A-* --tags HEAD
-check_describe A-* --tags HEAD^
-check_describe D-* --tags HEAD^^
-check_describe A-* --tags HEAD^^2
+check_describe c-* --tags HEAD
+check_describe c-* --tags HEAD^
+check_describe e-* --tags HEAD^^
+check_describe c-* --tags HEAD^^2
check_describe B --tags HEAD^^2^
check_describe B-0-* --long HEAD^^2^

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