Support valgrind reports. #16

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perj commented Mar 17, 2010

Valgrind reports are lines prefixed with ==pid==.
I'm not really sure why GFM messes this up, I can't see anything about it in the reference, except possibly something to do with header marking.
It'd be good for bug reports if they were supported. Example:

==2350== Use of uninitialised value of size 8
==2350== at 0x602619: HPHP::FileScope::outputCPPForwardDeclarations(HPHP::CodeGenerator&, boost::shared_ptrHPHP::AnalysisResult) (file_scope.cpp:369)
==2350== by 0x603323: HPHP::FileScope::outputCPPForwardDeclHeader(HPHP::CodeGenerator&, boost::shared_ptrHPHP::AnalysisResult) (file_scope.cpp:469)
==2350== by 0x5B9138: HPHP::AnalysisResult::outputAllCPP(HPHP::CodeGenerator::Output, int, std::string const*) (analysis_result.cpp:916)
==2350== by 0x52A667: cppTarget(ProgramOptions const&, boost::shared_ptrHPHP::AnalysisResult, bool) (main.cpp:712)
==2350== by 0x52BC02: runTargetCheck(ProgramOptions const&, boost::shared_ptrHPHP::AnalysisResult) (main.cpp:763)
==2350== by 0x52CE43: process(ProgramOptions const&) (main.cpp:502)
==2350== by 0x52FABF: main (main.cpp:127)

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