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Nested lists have an unwelcome margin-top when parent item not raw text #25

aGHz opened this Issue · 2 comments

2 participants

Adrian Ghizaru Eli Skeggs
Adrian Ghizaru

For example, this list renders perfectly:

  • foo
    • bar
      • baz
      • zoo
    • and so
      • on

But this list does not:

  • foo
    • bar, the enclosing UL has a specific margin-top: 0
    • baz is bolded
      • margin-top problem here, there is no specific margin-top on the enclosing UL so it inherits a 15px margin
Eli Skeggs

It seems to be fixed, unless I'm misunderstanding the issue. If it is fixed, could you mark the issue as closed?

Adrian Ghizaru

Indeed, it seems to look good.

Adrian Ghizaru aGHz closed this
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