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Stuck on init #60

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I'm using god to launch camo as seen here:

Camo starts up just fine but god never gets out of init. If I restart god, it shows camo as up but if I attempt to stop and start camo with god I get the same error again.


This is on god 0.11.0 and ree 2011.02 (1.8.7).


Duplicated on god 0.11.0 and ruby-1.9.2-p290.


Could you paste in some of the log?


got the same problem with a java process:

In my case it is a process which never returns but writes its own pid file.
Using god on ruby 1.9.3


I'm having the same problem with a python process. In my python process I am using cv2 (opencv) - which is very temperamental. When I run it, it some times freezes and I need to do a killall -9 python, it won't respond to any other signal. When I try to have this process in god:

    w.start = "python #{proxy_url} #{camera[:name]}"

I see this in the god -c simple.god -D output:

I [2012-10-17 20:06:01]  INFO: front_door-detector move 'up' to 'start'
I [2012-10-17 20:06:01]  INFO: front_door-detector start: python rtsp:// front_door

And god just hangs there forever.

I try to do god status or god quit - but nothing, it just sits there and does not respond :/

Any ideas?

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