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Can not stop after one "stop start" cycle #91

smclelland opened this Issue · 5 comments

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Simple watch on node.js. I have node writing out a pid file on start and pid_file param is pointing to it. Starting god up using -D, everything fires up perfectly. I threw in some debug output in a proc on the .start/.stop to see what's going on.

"god -c ..."
-> myproc up

"god stop myproc"
-> debug stop: killing (good so far)

"god status"
myproc: unmonitored (good so far)

"god start myproc"
-> debug start: starting (good so far)

"god stop myproc"
??????? (no so good)

"god status"
myproc: up (huh? up?)

Looking at the god console. There is no "[ok] process is running for 'myproc'", yet status says its up?

Running on ubuntu 11 and ruby 1.9.2.

Basically I have to terminate god and manually kill the processes and start everything back up then I get one round of stopping/starting.


@smclelland did you ever find out what was causing this issue?
@eric I'm looking into this as I've stumbled into this issue, any ideas of what could be the cause of this?


Okay, it seems that if I kill the process after issuing a stop command the command then proceeds.


This happens if you specify a pidfile but your start command does not daemonize.


That was the problem.

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