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Explain that server_auth takes either a boolean or symbol #98

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The doc states that server_auth takes a boolean, but that is not exactly true. Here a change to make it clear what the server_auth takes. It resolves issue #85.

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@@ -1012,7 +1012,8 @@ delivery_method - The Symbol delivery method. [ :smtp | :sendmail ]
=== SMTP Options (when delivery_method = :smtp) ===
server_host - The String hostname of the SMTP server (default: localhost).
server_port - The Integer port of the SMTP server (default: 25).
-server_auth - The Boolean of whether or not to use authentication
+server_auth - A Boolean or Symbol, false if no authentication else a symbol
+ for the type of authentication [false | :plain | :login | :cram_md5]
(default: false).
=== SMTP Auth Options (when server_auth = true) ===
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