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git-dir and work-tree #151

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Not a bug or feature but a question for the code.

First of all, here's my code:

require 'grit'

repo = Grit::Repo.init('/tmp/repo')

# or i could say

In a non-grit way, this could have been (in native git)

mkdir /tmp/repo
cd /tmp/repo
git init
git remote add origin
git fetch --all
git reset --hard origin/master

Reading grit code, I discovered that running a command, sends your to a method_missing and calls a method call native.

So what happens is that every native command that is going to be executed in grit, the --git-dir option is always prefixed to the command. so example, a:

repo.git.reset({:hard=>true}, 'origin/master')

would be translated to:

git --git-dir=/tmp/repo/.git reset --hard origin/master

After this, when typing git log on my repo, it shows my current HEAD commit but all my files under git status are marked as modified and deleted.

I tried again on the command line and set the --work-tree(--git-dir without the .git) option and it works as intended.

So I am confused on why grit only prepends the --git-dir option without --work-tree.

Also, if i manually specify a work_tree option under the first argument of native, it will treat work-tree as an option to the command and not an option to the git binary.


I'm using this workaround:

mypath = '/xx/xx'
repo =
repo.git.reset({:env => {'GIT_WORK_TREE' => mypath}, :hard => true}, commit_id)

@nand2 Yeah this could work. Thanks!

@poymode poymode closed this
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