grit.commits_since... SystemStackError: stack level too deep #41

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Full example details here:


I got the same problem. Is anyone looking into it?

My environment:

  • ruby-1.8.7-p174, tried also ruby-1.8.7-p249
  • git 1.7.1
  • grit 2.2.0

I got the error with rails source, but when I switched to smaller repository it started to work. Apparently its a memory leak problem in the recursive function rev_list in git-ruby.rb.

Any ideas?


I'm also getting the same error for projects with over 3000 commits. Seems to work fine for small projects.


Ping. Same issue on larger repos, as documented on igrigorik/bugspots#4.

Easy way to reproduce:

gem install bugspots
bugspots -d 1000 /path/to/rails_repo 

That'll try to load the last 1000 commits from rails, which will trigger this bug.


I have been able to work around this by using the native command to call rev-list and then parse the result using Grit.

This is for 24000 commits using:

  • ruby-1.9.3-p0
  • git
  • grit 2.4.1

Is the native command to call rev-list in a branch somewhere? I would like to try using it.


I hadn't put this in a branch. Try the following:

commit_list = repo.git.rev_list({:max_count => false, :no_merges => true, :pretty => "raw", :timeout => false}, branch_name)
commits = Commit.list_from_string(repo, commit_list)

where branch_name is the name of your branch and repo is your Grit::Repo. You can modify the options as you see fit, except for the format (which must be 'raw' for Commit.list_from_string). I have only tried this with grabbing all the commits, which is why I set :max_count => false. Since this leverages the native call in git.rb's method_missing, you can pass any options here that you could normally pass to git-log, This includes --since, which takes a date.

If this doesn't work out for you, let me know. I only took a cursory look at Grit while playing with, but I can try to look deeper into why this works for me, and maybe setup a branch for you.


FYI, I added the modification suggested above and committed to my fork at git:// I'll put in a pull request.


Correct. Basically there is code inside of git-ruby and git-ruby/repository that processes specific rev_list options by essentially walking the results of git-log without options. commits_since leverages this code instead of using the native git-log command with options. You could either edit the way that commits_since works to not use git-ruby, or you could simply access the Grit::Git CLI directly from your code, like I did above.


Grit is no longer maintained. See #183 and check out libgit2/rugged.

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